Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lalbagh on a Sunday Morning

It had been a while having seen the sunrise.Our new S5IS told me did you buy me to keep me in a museum,Roopa told there a lot of birds in Lalbagh early in the morning, Prashanth asked,Kisshu did u get your S5IS, any plans, i said Lalbagh @6am on Sunday, i wasnt even sure if i would be able 2 open my eyes @ 6am that too on a sunday,somehow managed to make it.Prashant joined in soon with his Bro.When i went in i was one, when i came out we were 7 friends. All in all a nice click venture.Did anybody say, Bengaluru does not have anything worth clicking, well open up the shutter. It was a relief to see a lot of greenery with a lot of chirping birds,hunting birds,smiling flowers.
Here are some of the clicks.

Inachi as we call in some parts of North Karnataka

Ouch..somebody hurt me

The Perfect hunting couple

The Blooming lotus of tomorrow

How often are the droplets on leaves now a days in Bengaluru

That was moving @ a rapid pace


  1. Well said Kisshu.. Bengaluru was, is and will be always a great place. Now also, when I drive on Jayangar roads when it is drizzling, I just love Bengaluru more and more :-)..

    Your first venture with S5IS has been really great! keep up the great job!

    btw I don't think you would mind if I add your blog link in my blog ;-)

  2. I would consider it as an honour..Thank u:-)

  3. Hey that was a sweet n nice one!!
    Cool Snaps on orkut as well:-)
    Hope u get to snap more n more with the new cam:)

  4. East or West.... namma Bengaluru is the BEST!!!:):)
    Lovvvveeely snaps Kishore....
    its really nice to see you writing all these...
    Keep up the spirit dude!!


  5. Hey Kishore, you should try Hebbal lake(in Bangalore)for your next venture of photography and also to say bangalore is still a very beautiful place to dwell :)

  6. yup will check out hebbal lake fr sure....yup Bengaluru is da best anytime..everytime